Let us create a Fundraiser for your school or Group!

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Logo Apparel is perfect for your business, group or team.

Whether you are doing a Relay for Life walk or a company picnic, it’s always nice to be noticed.  With specialized apparel you can do just that! Let us help you with you custom design and let everyone know who you are. Putting your logo on your apparel is the perfect form of marketing. You and your staff become walking billboards.

Fundraising is how most charity organizations thrive. We can help you find the perfect design that is both quality and price conscious so more of your money stays with your organization. Remember, fundraising can go all year round. With an apparel line that has the proceeds dedicated to your cause is a major leap in the right direction.

Print on Demand – No minimums – No inventory!  This is the easiest way to start your own revenue stream. We can help you add an apparel line to your existing business so you can broaden your reach or take it one step further and develop a full online store – all without the need to have massive amounts of inventory.

Business in a Box. Yes, you can start your own online business. Do you have a passion or a dream that you want to see put together with an apparel line?  We’ve got you covered. We sit with you to develop the brand, the designs and the store, to make your dreams come true. With over 30 years of marketing experience you have our brilliance in your back pocket!  

What Makes us Different – We don’t believe large quantities are the answer. We believe in making our venture profitable for you. This means only supplying you with what you need. Having you sit on large quantities of merchandise you can’t move is not good business – for either of us. You order what you need, we supply. Then if you need extras, order more.  It’s that simple. This adds up to savings you can use to grow your business or put back into your charity.